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Belimbing Tanah
We are the Sole Distributor

We are the only distributor for Belimbing Tanah in Singapore. We deliver to your doorstep. To order, whatsapp to 89326113 with the details below:

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Belimbing Tanah
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Common ailments like High blood pressure, High cholesterol and Diabetes are the leading cause of Cardiac Arrest and Stroke. Belimbing Tanah controls blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels effectively. Practiced by the tribes in Borneo for decades.

Random testimonies from real people

Our testimonies may not be professionally recorded. No proper scripts and no proper studios. They are from REAL people on the streets.

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kencing manis
belimbing tanah
Darah Tinggi
Kencing manis
Darah tinggi
Contact: 89326113 to order
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